Sarie Marais origin goes back to early 1900’s when all the boats were used for transport, ferries and fishing when it was still Springbok Boating Company and belonged to King  & Sons. The Pleasure Cruises came in the early 1970’s and then named Sarie Marais Pleasure Cruises. It was a fleet of 4 wooden boats of which Jolly Roger is the only one left of many from the first fleet. Jolly Roger was first launched in 1965 and has been carrying people safely since. Jolly Roger was used as ferry boat to Salisbury Island. The Jolly Roger was used to ferry students and naval soldiers between the mainland and Salisbury Island which hosted a University and Naval base in the 1970’s. In time Fancy Me, Sea Joy and Sea isle was demolished but more boats were acquired. We cater for small and larger groups from 16 to 56 passengers. Book our boats for an educational, romantic or party cruise or join the public cruises around the harbour or out to sea. We are located in the lively Durban Harbour which is the largest and busiest port in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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We offer the most unique and extraordinary boat trips and cruises in Durban. We are located in Durban, South Africa. The Durban harbour is the biggest and busiest port in South Africa, offering a great vibrant atmosphere. We offer standard cruises for both personal and corporate events, and can accommodate 16 to 56 people on our boats. Whether you are organising educational sea cruises of you would like to rent out one of the boats to use as a party boat, we can help.